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Trading Products

Our reputation and expertise has secured long-term relationships with leading global banks to ensure you get competitive and transparent price feeds.

We provide you with trading access to all the major Currency Pairs from one secure trading platform. Real-time online tools give you the ability to calculate your margin requirements for both existing and new positions.

Trade with us

Our Customer Service Team is available to discuss and help you choose the best custom made option. You can even check rates and instruct orders on the move, with our solid Mobile Trading Platform.

Speed of Orders Execution

TFIFX places a significant importance when executing client orders and strives to offer a high speed of execution.

Our Dealing Desk

Our high standards and experienced traders will help you improve your trading. Couple this with fixed spreads and the dedication in which we work with all of our customers and you’ll gain complete confidence and control over all your trading in a very short time.

Some examples of the many benefits we offer you include:

  1. 24/5 hour access to the dealing room
  2. Fixed spreads (The Company may widen the spreads under certain market conditions as per its Order Execution Policy)
  3. No Commissions and No hidden fees
  4. Instant execution of market orders
  5. Dedicated expertise from our support team
  6. Funds are deposited in European Banks
  7. For further details please refer to our Order Execution Policy

All the transactions you complete with us are entirely secure and we operate with no hidden fees or charges. Client funds are completely
segregated and kept at Investment grade Banks. You can easily withdraw money from your account with no extra delays.

Investor Compensation Fund

TFI Markets participates in the Investor Compensation Fund in order to be allowed to provide investment services. The objective of the fund is
to secure the claims of covered clients against TFI Markets, in situations where the company is unable to fulfil its obligations. For further details
please refer to Investor Compensation Fund Policy.