Protection of Client Funds

Our Policy

TFI Markets would like to remind its clients that client’s funds are held in segregated accounts in a number of reputable European Banks that are closely monitored by our risk management Department.

Clients’ Accounts Protection

Protection to Investors in relation to their clients’ money with TFI Markets is provided through the Investors Compensation Fund which TFI Markets is a member, as well as the protection provided by each institution in accordance with the Laws and Regulations in each European Bank where the client’s funds are held.

Reputable European Banks

Banks in Europe with an Investment Grade rating. Special care is given to the selection of European Banks as well as monitoring of the risk associated. Preventive and other actions are taken to protect our client’s interests.

Diversification of Clients Accounts

Clients Accounts are well diversified in a number of reputable European Banks to minimize credit and concentration risk. Transfers of clients funds from one institution to another may take place if this will be for the best interest of our clients, as well as for minimising any risk related to the possession of clients funds.

Segregated Accounts

These are accounts which are marked as ‘Clients Accounts’ and are separate from the company’s own funds in accordance with the relevant Laws and Regulations.

Risk Management Department

The Risk Management department is responsible for the safety of funds in terms of the reputation, credibility and diversification of Institutions where they are held.

Negative Balance Protection

Trading Accounts cannot have a negative balance. This is monitored in real-time by our systems and procedures we have in place.

Fraud protection

Access to client’s funds is limited to a very small number of the company’s Senior Management . All our ‘Clients accounts’ require at least two authorisations before any action takes place to minimise the risk of any fraud.

Licenses and Regulation

TFI Markets is Authorised and Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) for the provision of Investment Services, CIF license no. 117/10, as well as licensed under the Electronic Money Services Law by the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) license no.