Customer Complaint Form

Customer Complaint Form
Please follow the steps below in order to see instructions on how to fill and submit the Complaint Form to us.

Step 1
The ‘Customer Complaints Form’ is completed and sent to the Company.
Step 2
The Company will contact the client within 5 working days to acknowledge the receipt of the complaint and to confirm the details of the person who will handle it, together with the details of first action taken.

Step 3
Within 2 weeks, the Company will either send a Final Response or a ‘Holding response’, explaining the reason why a Final response cannot be given and giving an indication of when it expects to be able to provide a Final Response (this period must not exceed 1 month from the date of receipt of the complaint).

Step 4
Within 1 month from the date of receipt, the Company will either send a Final response or a response explaining why a Final Response cannot be provided.

Step 5
Upon sending the Final Response, the customer will have 1 month to respond.

Step 6
If a response is not received within 1 month, then the Company in not obliged to take any further action.

Step 7
In case the complainant is not satisfied with the Final response provided by the Company or the Company fails to provide to the customer a final or holding response within the above timeframe, the complainant has the right to lodge a complaint with the Company’s regulators or the Financial Ombudsman.


Customer Complaint Form
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